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This is the best and the complete YouTube marketing with video editing training at Bright Host IT training Uttara in Dhaka. Learn YouTube Marketing in Bangladesh.
YouTube Earning: Complete YouTube Marketing and Video Editing Training Course.
YouTube Marketing is one of the easiest ways to create a passive income online. If you are interested to learn YouTube marketing this is a compact course for you.
After the last update of YouTube algorithm, it becomes hard to get YouTube absence. But it also omits the seasonal and bad YouTube video makers. Ultimately, if you feel passionate about YouTube income you will a good result.

Who should Choose YouTube marketing as there career?

It is possible to earn a passive income from YouTube in short time. Also, anyone can be a celebrity. But that do not means that you should choose this as your career.
We think you should choose this course if you have dedication for this
Passion and better understanding about at least one thing, like- you love movie, love songs, enjoy teaching, want to discuss about recent topics, games or any criteria that you think people would appreciate.
And, you want to earn a passive income also have proper dedication about what you will do.

How this YouTube video making and YouTube marketing course can help you?

First of all, we will help you to create your own plan regarding getting famous and earn. Planning plays a huge role for establishing any business.
Again, there is some misconception among the people about regarding this. Neither, the people talk about YouTube marketing have time or feel to gather knowledge about branding, marketing, different earning plans on this video sharing platform and rules and regulation.
After, this trashing on YouTube video making and earning you will able to do…

  • Creating a plan for growing a channel.
  • Creating a brand value.
  • Optimizing your content depending on viewers.
  • Make your own video,
  • YouTube ranking
  • And earn from YouTube absence and freelance market place.

Course Module:

  • YouTube SEO (Keyword research, Video making, Tags and Ranking),
  • Video Creation
  • Intro and Outro
  • Content/Script Writhing
  • Planing a growing model.
  • Engaging viewers and increase Subscriber.
  • Different Earning System, Adsense Ad optimization and more
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