3D Studio MAX (Interior Design)

By: MD. Ashikur Rahman New Batch Start Date: Every Week

Professional Interior Design training course with 3D Studio MAX in Uttara Computer City Rajuk Commercial Complex, Sector-07.  Interior Design is one of the most demanded Profession.

Bright Host IT Institute and Bright Interior BD provides 3D StudioMax & Interior Design Course on Architect/Interior Design in Dhaka.

Introduction of 3ds Max Interface and Toolbars:

*Title Bar * Menu Bar * Main Toolbar * View Ports

* Command Panel (Create, Modify, Hierarchy, Motion, Display, Utilities Geometry, Shape, Lights, Cameras, Helpers, Space Warps & Systems)

* Track Bar, * Ribbon * Status Bar * Animation Control * Navigation Control


Main Toolbar with Details:

*Undo * Redo * Select & Link * Unlink Selection * Selection Filter

* Select Object * Select by Name * Rectangular Selection Region

* Circular Selection Region * Fence Selection Region * Lasso Selection Region

* Paint Selection Region * Window / Crossing * Select & Move

* Select & Rotate * Select & Uniform Scale * Select and Non-Uniform Scale

* Select & Squash * Reference Coordinate System

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