Hello There, What are the tables save the protocol for amending the agreement to Vistex. I am trying to draw data for 01/01/2017 all the changes made to the existing agreements. SAP Tcodes Workbench: ? ABAP Workbench is a collection of tools you use to develop, test and run ABAP programs. In the section below, you`ll find an overview of the tools available for performing different development tasks. ? For chargeback /MRI/IPCBM: Individual refund /MRI/IPCB34: vote back on charge /MRI/IPCB21: Mass processing of billing documents /MRI/IPCB22: mass processing of documents/sales rights /IRM/IPCB22 IPCB23: Mass processing of retroreservations /MRI/IPCB28: Mass processing of delivery documents /IRM/IPPCM: Partner Communication Workbench BADI Name for Chargeback / MRI/BADI_IPCB_ALL /RM/BADI_IPCB_IDOC Check too? Useful SAP management transaction codes? SAP Basics Tcodes/MRI/GVPFM is intended for Vistex modules to maintain requirements and formulas, Have you written incorrect transaction you need to write /IRM/GVOFM . Contract /MRI/PCSHDR, MRI/PCSPRD, /MRI/PCHDR, /MRI/PCPRD, /MRI/PCSBLK, /IRM/PCBLK Thanks jithin.. The page was written by Soumi and not by Soumya. 🙂 .. She`s an expert at Vistex Technical.

For the contract (staging) /IRM/PCMS: For the addition/editing/display of contracts /MRI/PCSGM: Add/Edi/Display-Adherence and Block/MRI/GVOFM is for Vistex modules to maintain requirements and formulas – We can improve the BADI by creating a new Z implementation (as we do in ECC). . D. Functional elements used to update standard vistex/MRI/IPSPRO tables are available for Vistex modules such as SPRO in sap. I have to set up flexible groups, please help me if someone shares the document related to flexible groups. Hello I would like to know more about vistex technical developments. Improved responsibility return and purchase. Please help me Rebate /IRM/IPCRASP/IRM/IPCRVP, /IRM/IPCRITM, /IRM/IPCRSPD, /IRM/IPCRSPTD, /IRM/IPCRVSP, KONA For the data transfer routine, we can open it via SE38 and the name of the program should be /IRM/ Can you share for the good of all. For discount/MRI/IPCRM: View discounts on user settings/MRI/IPCRASP: Sales Rebate Agreements/IRM/IPCRCIP: Individual/MRI/IPCRCCP: SR: Composite IP Collective Process If you`d like to receive updates on our new optimizations and tips, sign up.

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