In October 2009, the company divided one of its key segments, the liabilities components, and founded TDK-EPC. It then acquired EPCOS AG (now TDK Electronics AG), a major manufacturer of electronic components in Germany, with its subsidiaries, and turned them into subsidiaries of TDK-EPC in order to achieve organic integration at an early stage. In November 2014, all segments were integrated into the company through simplified absorption splits. TDK-EPC achieved its original goal and the company decided to absorb and merge TDK-EPC to effectively use its management resources and improve operational efficiency. (3) Merger-related allocations Kurita Engineering is a wholly-related subsidiary of the company, the merger must not be allocated to shares or other monetary assets. 4. Company Status after the merger The name, headquarters, title and name of the agent, the description of the transaction, the capital and the exercise will not change after the merger. 5. Business Development Impact The impact of this focus on the development of the company`s business is negligible, both on a consolidated and unconsolidated basis.

The forecast of business development on a consolidated basis for the year ending March 2021 remains to be determined, as it is difficult to make reasonable forecasts in the midst of the Covid-19 spread. We`ll reveal the prognosis as soon as it`s ready. (2) The fusionraurita Engineering method is dissolved by an absorption merger of which the company is the surviving company. Please note that the disclosed items and details will be partially omitted, as the merger is a simplified merger of the 100% subsidiary of the company. 1. Merger Objective The company founded DENSO IT Solutions (formerly DENSO ISM Corporation) in October 2001. However, there is an urgent need to promote the enterprise-wide digitization strategy and to facilitate the use and use of data. As a result, DENSO will integrate IT solutions and improve internal cooperation to maximize operational speed and performance and accelerate digital transformation. 2.

Summary of Merger (1) Merger Project The merger is a capital merger of a wholly-100% subsidiary of the company, which is not expected to have a significant impact on the Company`s consolidated financial results.  ON THE MARK became a member of TechnoPro Group on March 4, 2016. For nearly four years, ON THE MARK has collaborated with TechnoPro in the distribution sector, participated in the optimal task of engineers and created synergies in various ways. As The Mark and TechnoPro have established a stronger relationship over time, the group is convinced that creating an environment that seamlessly integrates TechnoPro`s human resources and ON THE MARK`s expertise in developing higher-level contract services without artificial barriers will contribute to the achievement of the type of high value-added services. which are defined in TechnoPro Group`s medium-term management plan. TechnoPro`s Board of Directors approved the merger of the two companies on the basis of this belief. As a result of the merger, the trade name, address, title and name of the agent, the description of the business, the share capital or the exercise of the year in which the company ends will not change. Changes to the company`s trade name, location, scope of business, specified capital or accounting periods or title and representative`s name after the merger is completed will not change. On December 26, 2019, the Board of Directors of TechnoPro, Inc., decided to authorize the merger of consolidated subsidiary TechnoPro, Inc. and technoPro Holdings Subtochter ON THE MARK Co., Ltd.

Since this is a merger by type of absorption between 100% subsidiaries, some data and details have been omitted.

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