Topics DayCourse ContentsDetails
Topics – 1Day -1PHP Fundamentals and Environment SetupInstallation of Local Server, PHP data Types, PHP Variables and Scope,
Topics – 2Day -2PHP LoopsIF – Else statement, While Loop , Do-While Loop ,
Switch Case Nested IF , For Loop , For Each Loop
Topics – 3Day-3PHP StringsStrings and Patterns, Matching,
Extracting, Searching Replacing, Formatting,
Topics – 4Day-4PHP ArraysPHP numerical Arrays, PHP Associative Arrays, PHP Multi-Dimensional Arrays, Loop through Array, Array Functions.
Topics – 5Day-5PHP FunctionsFunctions, Syntax, Arguments, Variable References, Pass by Value & Pass by references, Return Values, include(), require()
Topics – 6Day-6PHP OOPS basicOPS Concept in detail, type properties and methods and its visibility.
Topics – 7Day-7PHP OOPS AdvancedEncapsulation, Object Overloading, Inheritance, Overriding Methods, Blocking inheritance,
Topics – 8Day-8PHP FormsForm handling, PHP interactive Forms,
Form Validation, PHP Form Sanitization
Topics – 9Day-9PHP Query String, Cookies & PHP SessionsMaking Query String, PHP Cookie handling, PHP Session Handling, PHP Login Session
AssignmentDay-10Login/Logout system, request form and sending mail through php script.


File and directories: – working with File and directories

Topics – 10Day-11Basic MySQL,
Complex SQL Queries
Database basics, MySQL Create, MySQL Insert, MySQL Select
Topics – 11Day-12MySQL Joins and SQL FunctionsCreate Index, MySQL INNER Join, MySQL LEFT Joins, MySQL RIGHT Joins, Complex SQL Queries,
AssignmentDay-13Creating a member record
Topics – 12Day-14Date timeWorking with date and timing functions
Topics – 13Day-15GD, xls  and PDF libraryWorking with GD and pDF library
Topics – 14Day-16JSONUsing JSON data and produce JSON data
Topics – 15Day-17XMLWorking with PHP + XML
Topics – 16Day-18HTTP HandlingHTTP Headers, Page Redirect, File Uploading
Topics – 17Day-19PHP and AJAXDetails about PHP & Ajax


  • Create an Ecommerce site
  • Create admin/Backend section


Topics – 18 Day-26-27MVC conceptCodeIgniter&Laravel
Topics – 19Day-28-37


Custom News Portal Development using CodeigniterCodeIgniter


Custom Ecommerce site

development using Laravel



Develop POS System or HRM systemCodeIgniter or Laravel


After Completing is course learners will be able to develop any kind of web apps using php.


  • E-commerce Site
  • News Portal
  • Blog Site
  • Restaurant Management System
  • POS System
  • Custom Office Management System
  • Payroll
  • Shop Management
  • Production Control System



*** Need vast knowledge about that what he/she want to automate.